Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to Navigate on your Kindle the Kindle dilema is that you can get into a chapter of a story on from your Kindle, but you can't make the chapter navigation keys fuction.

I just found out how to make it work!!! W00t!

Okay, go to your experimental web and get to your fanction story of choice via google. Doesn't matter what chapter you get into, just get it pulled up.

Now hit your MENU button and select ADVANCED MODE.

Once in Advanced Mode, hit your MENU button and select SETTINGS. Now select ENABLE JAVA SCRIPT.

Bam....the chapter navigation works. You may have to play around with the text size..but holy hell works!

This is hot off the presses, I just did an experimental test run. If, when using this, you develop tips to make it work better for you, please add via comments.

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  1. Go to my more recent Step by Step instructions post if you want concise instructions from turning the kindle on to getting to your story...