Thursday, June 24, 2010

FINALLY...FANFICTION.NET ON YOUR KINDLE: Step by step instructions for setting up chapter navigation reading on from your Kindle

W00T! You CAN read whole stories from your Kindle!!!

So the Kindle dilema has always been that you can get into a single chapter of a story on from your Kindle, but you can't make the chapter navigation keys fuction.

I just found out how to make it work!!! W00t!

My original instructions were are step by step instructions to show you how to get to a fanfic story and make it work from turning on your Kindle to getting to your story....

* Hit your menu button
* Select Turn Wireless on
* Hit menu button
* Select Experimental
* Select Basic Web

This should take you to Bookmarks page (note: if you have accessed web previously from Kindle, it may open to your last location initially. If it does, just hit menu again and select Bookmarks to get to your Bookmarks list)

* Select Google
* Type in and the name of the story you want to read

Google will pull up a number of hits...pick one that is a chapter of the story you are looking for and select it. Once the story page comes up...

* Hit your menu button
* Select Advanced Mode
* Hit your menu button
* Select Settings
* Select Enable Java Script

And start reading..changing your (Aa) text settings button if needed. If you are in the wrong chapter, go to the last page and you will see the Jump box...your cursor button will now work on that and you can go to whatever chapter you want!

Time saving tip: Once you are in a story that you will want to come back to on different occasions ( chapters update)..hit your menu button and select "bookmark this page." A direct link to that story will then show up on your Bookmarks list for next time.

Also, once you have these settings set, they become default, so you don't have to reset your settings each time. Happy reading ladies....


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  2. Squeeeee. As you know I was flipping out like the mad woman I am over this post! As I was playing around with my kindle I realized that you can also bookmark your list of fav fics from your profile page just as you would bookmark an individual fic.

    Because the page is refreshed each time you go to it on your kindle it will automatically tell you which fics have updated.(assuming you have your list sorted by "update" on the ffnet page)

    Of course you have to click through the old chapters to get to the new one so it may be too much of a pain for long fics but I have several that are only one chpt. 3 or 4.

    Hope that makes sense!

  3. converts stuff for your Kindle directly, without any hassle, so you can read it completely offline just as any Kindle book. Yes, it's that simple.

  4. @ inlondon -- that is correct -- my older posts discuss the various fanfiction downloader programs -- this is just another option -- great for in progress stories (save them as a bookmark) etc.

    I am also finding I can use writers websites/blogs and read off of those ( IE: the only way now to read MoTU II) -- otherwise the only option with that one would be sitting at the computer to read

  5. Hi there , I've got all my fanfiction saved as bookmarks on my Kindle. Could you tell me how to delete them when I have read them.
    Thank you

  6. Same as you would any other bookmark, book or story -- click your cursor to the left and a box will come up asking if you want to delete it.

  7. I recently wrote a script that does exactly what you want, you can find it here: Lemon is a Python script that keeps tracks of your chosen stories on FanFiction.Net or, downloads newly released chapters, merges them into a story file with Kindle HTML markup and forwards them to your Kindle.

  8. KindleSend ( has support for fanfiction. It links to your account, sends all of the stories in your favourites list, and monitors them for updates.